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Augmented Reality Range in Entertainment World, Experience Real
UX & UI design and development for Phone Case AR Application

Project Overview

Director of Uunique, Mr. Agarwal came up with an idea of real experience for their buyers. An application with Augmented Reality platform, which will help buyers to get a real life interactive phone case they purchase.

An innovative approach to make buyers experience real time interactive fun with their phone case purchases. Wherein the phone case prints will turn into an amazing AR sequences. A chance to see phone cases from all angles with 360 degrees.

  • AR Sequence
  • Easy Navigation
  • Online Purchases
  • Real-time Experience
  • Interactive Fun
  • Upgradation


Biggest challenge was to execute and implement real-time experience for buyers. An idea to bring change in buyer’s world.

Making buyers, believe in AR world was also a challenge for Uunique. People have low tendency to adapt innovative experience, something different from their regular habits. Hence had to play very sharply and in a creative way to keep entertainment intact, without disappointing buyers.

Designing and developing strong, eye-catchy, and promising AR platform for users was a challenge at both parts.

  • Interactive Frame
  • Product Knowledge
  • User Friendly Approach
  • Real Time Experience

How We Made Differences

  • Creative, interactive, and user friendly designs for users, to get a real time fun experience buying phone case
  • Experience of print designs and patterns transforming into Augmented Reality characters and sequences
  • Sharing the creative and interactive fun on social media with friends and families
  • Regular upgrade on new designs and device compatibility

The Value Delivered

With proper execution, users will be able to create their own account, which will provide access to all Uunique purchases with a real time life changing experience. Uunique coming up with a unique concept for their respective buyers.