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January Confraria

One Stop Solution for Wine Lovers
UX & UI design and development for Online Winery

Project Overview

Guilherme Cintra the winery owner came up with an exclusive idea to make an online window for the wine lovers with an extraneous expansion of wine tasting lessons too.

Wherein the wine taster dos and dons can be well guided with the courses enrollment features.

Huge variety of Wine from “very own” Winery produced in different countries will be placed online for the lovers to get the best reach. Also the imported and other wines in “A” grade quality will too be listed, considering the choices and preferences of the Wine lovers.

  • Wine Tasting
  • Wine Varieties
  • Courses Offered
  • Taste Preferences
  • Cost Effective
  • Wine Analysis


In an idea sharing conversation with the man himself, we analyzed challenges that his winery was facing in approaching customers and the lack of customer trafficking to his services and products.

Level of difficulties were not only from the winery side, but also the people who are known as “wine lovers” faces selection hardships.

  • Lack of Awareness
  • Product Knowledge
  • User Friendly Approach
  • On Stop Solution

How We Made Differences

  • With an access to the team of experienced designers, creative thinkers, and developers, we offered a solution to challenges and difficulties faced by Guilherme Cintra.
  • A robust solution was designed to channelize the products and services, which were to be delivered to right people in right way.
  • An eye catchy design that can make buyers understand the deliverance focus and quality preferences.
  • A detailed structure of every products, which can deliver right information of Wine to be purchased with its history, making, and tasting methods.

The Value Delivered

With a proper design and development also with right products and approach, this project has turned the traffic to an extraordinary number. Simply, it has become One stop solution for Wine Lovers.