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House Kit

Renovate, Refurnish and Decorate house.
UX & UI design and development for House Kit AR iOS Application

Project Overview

A vision to bring together a huge channel of interior designers, real estate companies, kitchen and bath products reseller and manufacturer into one single platform. This contribution of great brain will lead to an ease for the users to make their dream home look alike.

Using Augmented Reality, this initiative will be to a complete different level wherein users will experience the real look and feel of their home d├ęcor. Only registered users will able be to get this real time big experience.

  • Real-time Experience
  • One Touch Home Decor
  • Interactive Ideas
  • Cost Effective


To frame all branches of designer, real estate companies, home product resellers in one single page to get desired output was the biggest challenge.

Make markers and scanners to build the area of kitchen, living room, closets, floor tiles and many more was a big task. A single minute mistake was not affordable.

Level of difficulties were not only from the company side, but also us being developers, designers, creative thinkers to bring up the idea and concept in a different, attractive and user friendly way for users.

  • Accessibility
  • Product Knowledge
  • User Friendly Approach
  • On Stop Solution

How We Made Differences

  • Interactive and user friendly designs for users, so as to get real experience without any bugs and difficulties.
  • Robust solution to support the augmented reality configurations.
  • Scanning accessibility for horizontal and vertical planes to place an object.
  • Detailed placing of every products and objects, which can deliver right information and angles to fix and get real time feel.

The Value Delivered

Right designs and development delivered a user friendly approach for users to refurnish, renovate and decorate their home by one touch AR solution.