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About Us

A cluster of Consultants and Geeks providing Software Services to a diversified clientele of Individuals, Startups and Enterprises and thrives to build top-notch Digital Products.

Mission Statement

We pride ourselves in our app development and building your creativity mind into an augmented digital platform or world.

Our mission at AYW "Augment Your World" is to provide World class software development and consulting services based on the needs of our clients that are unmatched in the industry.

Our Vision

Giving you peace of mind while we help you achieve your business goals and assisting you as a partner into the digital world.

Why Choose Us

Our expert US onshore team will build your custom software solution up to 40% faster with 100% precision. We take custom software development projects very seriously.

As a team we take the time to get to know not only your project, but also the needs of your company / industry. This allows us to decide on what types of software technologies, and frameworks needed to accomplish your goals.

Every custom software development project is just that, custom. With every new project, we start with a blank canvas. We get to know you and your project, and only then, do we suggest the right tools for the job and staff the project with the appropriate team members that can include full stack senior software engineers, project managers, QA testers, and UX/UI designers..

Quality Code Matters Quality code matters to us. Not only will your code be built to meet your needs but it will be built upon a foundation for your future needs. This is an important process for when you want to add new concepts, features, cross platforms, or schedule updates.

All of our software engineering solutions deliver functions and features that are built on-spec, as well as adaptability, reliability, and robust.

Meet the Team

Trenton McKean


Mark Krantz

Co-Founder & Director

Darshak Doshi

Principal Consultant